Welcome to Fibre Harvest, specialist Worsted Fibre processing and spinning

WorstedWe are a new fibre processing plant using traditional high quality worsted machinery to convert raw fleece to high quality yarns and textiles.

The system caters for low and high volume fibre producers in the UK aiming to get the optimum performance, handle and quality from their raw fibre.

Processing costs are low enabling fibre producers to manufacture competively priced yarns and textiles, providing good profit returns for the raw fibre material.

YarnThe processing is fully worsted providing scouring, carding, combing, gilling and spinning.

Worsted Processing is designed for processing long staple fibres (over 65mm) and will achieve a smooth, fine, strong and lustrous yarn exploiting all the best qualities of any long staple fibre. Long staple fibres include Wool, Mohair, Cashmere, Alpaca and other specialist hairs and wools.

For more information on processing and costs please email your requirements to info@fibreharvest.co.uk


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