Processing Your Fibre

Fibre Harvest welcomes enquiries from interested fibre producing farms wishing to provide added value to their raw fibre. We provide a high quality service, assessing the quality of the fibre and discussing the best options available for processing and spinning the fibre for the best possible end use in terms of a textile or yarn.

SheepWe are capable of processing fibre lots from a minimum of 25kg, although higher qualities provide higher yields and improved quality of the finished yarn/textile.

Therefore we encourage fibre producers of equal breeds to combine lots to guarantee improved quality and lower processing costs.

We produce high quality yarns using the worsted system, this is the system designed to handle long staple fibres (over 65mm length) exploiting the inherent qualities of a fibre such as luster, uniformity, strength, handle and softness. For shorter fibres suitable for the woolen spinning system we are able to offer advice and recommend suitable processors.

WoolWe are experienced in manufacturing yarns for a variety of performance products including knitwear, hosiery and wovens. We have a proven record of manufacturing and retailing finished textile products and offer advice on product development and assistance in finding a suitable marketplace. We have strong links with specialist textile wholesalers and retailers in the UK and are able to place certain products.

Under a special arrangement with Blackdown Hills Natural Fibres we are able to process fibre for farms within the Blackdown Hills AONB at subsidized rates. This also applies to producers of fibre from native Devon breeds. For more details please refer to the Blackdown Hills Natural Fibre Group link.

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